About Us

" We are dealing more than 20 countries in the world. Our main fields are Textile, Energy and Agro - commodities. Our motto is; being reliable and suply best quality on time with competitive prices. "


Some of our scientific articles, which has been published in international referee magazines


- Heating and cooling of a hospital using solar energy coupled with seasonal thermal enegry storage in an aquifer.



- HCO2 mitigation with thermal energy storage



- Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Applications and In-Situ Thermal Response Test – Example from Turkey and Situation in Slovenia



- Aquifer thermal storage (ATES) for airconditioning of a supermarket in Turkey



- Ground water level in?uence on thermal response test in Adana, Turkey



Some of our articles, which has been published in Circular Knitting Fabric Producer Association Magazine



- Örme Kumaş Ve Hazır Giyim İhracatı Tekrar Ne Zaman Artık Eğilimine Girer ? ( in Turkish )



- İplikte Fiyat İstikrarı Yok ! ( in Turkish )



Our Company Founder's CV



- Cv ( in Turkish )